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Frank’s first dance steps were taken almost 30 years ago at back yard family parties. As a ten year old, street tango and waltz weren’t exactly popular so it wasn’t long before he found himself breaking and popping during the 80’s dance wave. He has performed professionally for over twenty years both on stage and television.

In 1998, Frank took his first Salsa class. Three months later, not being able to dance salsa (let alone teach) he opened the first Salsa school in Geelong with the help of Aloy Junco, Melbourne’s most influential Salsa instructor.

In the year 2000 Frank co-founded Melbourne Salsa. After many years of promoting Latin dance and music to literally thousands of adults every year, he still thrives on being able to extract the dance out of anyone.


Gabriella was introduced to Latin music at a young age, she fell in love with Salsa in 1997, three years later co-founded Melbourne Salsa. This passion for self-expression through music and dance took Gabby to Cuba and Puerto Rico to further develop her dance & music skills. Inspired by the events she saw in her travels, inspired Gabriella to run similar events here in Melbourne and the rest is history. Melbourne Salsa is much more than a commercial enterprise, it’s her lifestyle and she wants to share her passion with others.

“Latin Dancing is a great way to meet people, it’s one of only a few forms of dance that is supported by a really strong social scene… you’ll find a Salsa bar in every city in the world and immediately make friends”

“When people ask me what do you do? I respond with I MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY FOR A LIVING”


South American born Gysvier has been exposed to Latin music from an early age. Cuban music and dance has always been his favourite. As a member of the famous Venezuelan dance academy “Caribe y Punto”. He is an accomplished Cuban salsa (Casino Rueda) dancer, competing and performing dozens of choreographies including a performance in the opening of the Miss Venezuela 2006.

“The music is inside all of us, we just have to let it flow through our body and we’ll become one with it”


Kiki was born in Miami, the unofficial capital of Latin America, where Salsa Music and Dance is a part of life. “Dance what you feel” is what her mother always said, so with her mothers words and her fathers musical skills Kiki tore up the local Salsa clubs from a young age. It wasn’t until her 20s when one night she was inspired to take dance classes, She went and joined Miami’s world famous Salsa Lovers Dance School.

Kiki teaches Casino (Cuban Style), Bachata amd more recently Salsa Moderna (LA Style).

A dance with Kiki is like dancing with Miami.


Adam always had a fascination and love for dance but was too afraid to take it up himself. On his regular jogging route, he used to see people going in and out of a dance studio, always with big smiles on their faces. So one day he went to his first beginner’s salsa class instead of his jog. That was over 10 years ago and he has never looked back. Since then he has expanded his love into Mambo, Bachata and Zouk as well as dabbled in Cuban, afro, contemporary, jazz, jive, swing and tango. Adam has performed and competed all over Australia, lastly competing in a team with Danni Cummins which came second in Australia at the Australian Salsa Open.


Rebecca started dancing from the young age of four, learning classical Indian dancing for six years. It is here that she developed her love for performing and being on stage. As a teen, she was naturally drawn to the modern style of Bollywood dancing and also loved Belly Dancing. She went on to teach and professionally perform in both these genres. In her early 20’s she fell in love with Samba.

Rebecca’s passion is teaching other women the love of dance and loving yourself while having fun and getting fit! She performs samba at a professional level to live drums, for events and functions all over Melbourne. Her dream to be in the official Rio Carnival will come to life in 2018. Her passion for dance and training is always evolving and growing and she wants to share that with you.

“Give me a dance style with rich culture and a drum beat and I’ll be sure to be up and dancing”


Abdo fell in love with Latin dance from the first step back in 2003 where he joined intensive Latin courses in the Russian Cultural Institute in Damascus. In 2005, he competed professionally for the first time and won the Syrian professional Latin and Ballroom Championship. Then, he won the International Dance Organization Salsa competition in Lebanon and became a certified judge in IDO since 2008 and head of the open division of the artistic department in the Lebanese Dance Federation until 2018. Internationally, Abdo represented his country in many competitions in Kuala Lumpur, Macau, and finally in Vietnam when he was a semi-finalist in The Third Asian Indoor Games.

His passion for dance pushed Abdo to attend several workshops with international artists working on his Latin technique, body discipline and musicality, footwork, partnering, lifts and tricks and he mastered dancing Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2, Casino Rueda, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Jive, Samba and Rumba in addition to Ballroom dances.

In 2013, his love for performing led him to become a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars ME winning the first season and reaching the finals in 3 other seasons. He also performed and choreographed dozens of dance shows for corporate and social events, music videos and weddings, with unique performances that include all kinds of Latin, Ballroom, Charleston and Bollywood dances.

Today Abdo is fascinated by the dance scene in Australia where he’s applying his love for dance to performing and teaching at Melbourne Salsa.

“If you can walk, you can dance” and Abdo can prove it!


Born in Colombia and raised in Canada, Julian was exposed to the best of both worlds. From a young age, Julian was always dancing thanks to his parents, he would dance whenever he had an opportunity like family gatherings or any school performances. He then joined dance teams to perform many of the Colombian folklore dances.

In Canada, Julian wanted to share the Latin culture with others, so he continued with his passion for dance. Performing and choreographing at the school’s talent show or teaching friends some basic steps, were ways he shared the Latin culture with everyone. Julian then joined the Araguacu Latin Dance Company in Toronto, where he met Kim and Geo. They introduced him to different dance styles, but the style that stole his heart was Bachata Tradicional.

Julian has carried the same motto as his instructors, to find your own flavour, grove and style, to be the best version of you!


Juiz started dancing at a young age, learning from her mother the Indonesian Traditional Dance. In 2002 her Grandmother introduced Juiz to Latin dance. Dancing  Latin ballroom and traditional ballroom dance styles. In 2003 Juiz fell in love with Salsa and this gave Juiz the opportunity to work as a professional Latin dancer for Television, Events & Weddings.

Juiz also joined a Salsa Rueda Group and performed in Latin Salsa festivals all over Asia and participating in a Salsa Rueda Competition in Munich-Germany (Sponsored by Trans TV Indonesia). While working as Professional Dancer, Juiz ran a dance company for those wanting to perform in television shows and events.
In 2011  Juiz won first place in a Salsa Competition in Jakarta before moving to Australia.

“I love to combine many different styles in one dance. Dance is like history you can build on it. Every move has a story” My motto is  ”Dance is me”.